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Following Microsoft’s announcement to reduce support for Internet Explorer 11 even further, along with their recommendation to switch to Microsoft Edge, we, too, have now decided not to support this browser any longer. This was a conscious decision, on the one hand in order to protect you and your data, and on the other to ensure that we can implement new technologies that Internet Explorer 11 does not support.
Trekking & Hiking Shoes

My shoe is damaged, what can I do?

A professional and visually perfect repair can only be achieved by our repair department:
If you require this service, then please contact your JACK WOLFSKIN STORE or the retailer where you purchased the shoe. You can find more information on how to deal with a complaint in-store or with the retailer here.
If you bought the shoe from the Jack Wolfskin Online Store, you will find all the information you need to know on how to proceed here.

Important: If you need to bring your shoes to the JACK WOLFSKIN STORE for repair or due to a complaint, or are sending them back to us, then please ensure they are thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Thank you!


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