The Athletic Hike: Ten Women, One Adventure

Jack Wolfskin launched a hiking collection by women for women. To test the new line, a group of extraordinary female adventurers went to Styria on this year’s Wolftrail.

Does product design still have to be gender-specific in 2022? When it comes to outdoor gear and thus the function and comfort of a product, it makes sense to distinguish between men and women. But in most cases, outdoor and sportswear is designed for the male silhouette and subsequently adapted for the female target group according to the “pink it and shrink it” principle. A little tighter, a little shorter, supposedly “feminine” colors – this formula rarely leads to the right fit of the clothing or to the proper function.

Jack Wolfskin has now turned the tables and launched with Athletic Hike a collection exclusively for women, developed by women. At the heart of the design process were the needs of the female body, determined by body mapping technology. Three-dimensional body zone diagrams are generated to find out exactly where heat and moisture occur, which areas cool down quickly and where support is required.

The result is a spring/summer 2022 collection for active women who value the performance and design of their outdoor gear. Monochrome styles offer sophisticated technical details, can be combined in various ways through layering, and ensure optimal freedom of movement and comfort.

Ten extraordinary women – one adventure

To test the Athletic Hike items, Jack Wolfskin invited five female adventurers to a six-day hiking experience on the Wolftrail in Styria as part of this year’s United we hike campaign. The group was accompanied by an exclusively female production team consisting of a photographer, videographer, hiking guide, and producer. Jack Wolfskin Brand Communication Manager Nina Krystin Jungels and Brand Creation Manager Kirsten-Christin Truhoel also attended the hiking experience. “Taking on the Wolftrail as an all-female team was an impressive experience,” said Nina Krystin Jungels. “The trail was more than an ambitious hike in a breathtaking environment. It taught us a lot about ourselves, about solidarity, tolerance, and respect for the group.” 

group fun women hiking wolftrail

The production team documented the different experiences of the women and showed that nature does not discriminate between people. The participants’ personal stories and commitment to a diverse hiking community played a unique role in putting the group together. “The women on the hike were very diverse and just amazing personalities. Each one has her own story to tell,” says Kirsten-Christin Truhoel. “Each of them has their own relationship with the outdoors, yet nature unites us all. There was a lively exchange on the Wolftrail, and everyone learned from one another. The completely different experiences of women at different ages with different backgrounds made this exchange particularly exciting and enriching.”

amira patel muslim hiker wolftrail

Part of the Wolftrail adventure was Amira Patel. The 29-year old from Northwest England discovered the joy of hiking and nature during the pandemic. As a Muslim, she is regularly confronted with critical looks and comments on the trails. With her adventure group, The Wanderlust Women, she created a large and tight-knit community of more than 10,000 members that mainly represents Muslim women and shows that they are not oppressed but can do the same things as everyone else. 

mountain hike on the wolftrail 2022

Margarita Samsonora was also part of the Wolftrail hiking group. She is the founder of the platform Behind the Greens, a platform that showcases the behind-the-scenes work of organizations striving towards a greener future and helps share their story and what they are doing to improve sustainability practices. You can find the videos and stories of all the Wolftrail participants here.

The test run on the Wolftrail proved that the Athletic Hike collection meets all requirements in the mountains. “The collection has performed brilliantly. Both the technical aspects, such as reliable waterproofness, wind protection, breathability, and the design, absolutely convinced all of us,” says Nina Krystin Jungels. “Most of us don’t want to hike in a color-blocking rain jacket but want something more subtle, pieces that go more in the direction of athleisure. With cool monochrome styles, the Athletic Hike collection is very coherent in itself and, above all, looks sophisticated.”

group climbing snowy wolftrail 2022

Within the test group, two collection items, in particular, emerged as favorites on the hike, which was characterized by rapidly changing weather conditions. The Tasman Cloud Jacket protected the women as a waterproof, wind-resistant, breathable outer jacket particularly well and convinced with its sporty cut and pleasantly thin material. The Tasman Jacket has provided additional insulation with its down padding for underneath.

snowy mountain wolftrail hike

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Wolftrail 2022

Already in its third year, Jack Wolfskin highlights the brand’s essence of shared wanderlust and hiking together with the hiking experience called Wolftrail. After kicking off in 2020 in the Carpathian Mountains, the focus in winter 2020 was on hiking on one’s own doorstep with an awareness of local nature and sustainable travel. Last year, the Wolftrail led outdoor enthusiasts through the spectacular Scottish Highlands.

In 2022, the Wolftrail traverses the breathtaking landscape of Styria from the Hohe Tauern in the east to the Eisenerz Alps and the Hochschwab Group in the west. It starts with the imposing Dachstein massif. Individual wolves can be observed on forays. 

Those who want to experience the Wolftrail and the varied landscape of Styria for themselves have the chance to win a unique seven-day trekking trip in Austria. Those who don’t want to rely on luck can book the tour with Jack Wolfskin’s long-standing partner ASI Reisen.